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Secrets of Buying a New Car

These are the secrets of buying a new car the dealer doesn't want you to know about.  The buying process can be stressful enough just trying to decide what you want, then you have to deal with the dealer and negotiations that can last all day if you let them.  I'm going to outline the steps that you need to remember when walking into the dealer so that you are not fooled into buying something that you don't want or maybe even worst paying too much for what you actually do want.  With the easy car buying steps below there is no way you won't get the car you want, in the color you want, at the price that's reasonable.   So the question is how do you get the deal.  Well lets start with finding the car you want.

Find the car you want:

  1. Go to the official website of the car or truck you want to buy.  Look at the promotions, rebates, and special APR's that are being offered and print those out.
  2. Find where the car is you want usually on the first page of the website there is a hyperlink called locate a vehicle, if you go to chevy.com the hyperlink is right next to Find a dealer at the very top of the page.
  3. If you find the car you want, print out the page of the car or truck.
  4. Go to http://dmv.ca.gov/FeeCalculatorWeb/index.jsp this website will allow you to calculate the fees before you get to the dealer so you know exactly what taxes and fee's come out to be.
  5. Go to costcoauto.com if you have a Costco membership and type in your Costco membership and all the vehicle details of the car or truck that you want to buy.  With the Costco membership you get the car or truck almost always at a pre-negotiated price at or below invoice, plus you also get any dealer rebates, and/or special APR financing that they are offering for the car you want.  Make sure to call 1-800-755-2519 for the Costco Auto Program where they will give you a PIN and Registration Number.  Now that you have that the dealer has to show you the invoice.  Also on top of all that the Costco Membership Sometimes offers $500 Costco cash just for filling out a survey after you buy your car.
  1. Apply for financing before you enter the dealer and get per-approved so you know your getting the best interest rate.  If the dealer is offering zero percent APR go for that or try your own credit union.  
  2. Bring a financial calculator if your going to try and get dealer financing.  I would recommend buying the HP 10bII Financial calculator.  When using the calculator: type 72 N for the payments, 5 I/YR for the interest rate, 300 PMT, then press PV.  The calculator will then give you the out the door price for the amount of payments, the interest rate and the total payment.  And if the out the door price does match the Costco price then the dealer is probably trying to charge you to much.  But just showing the dealer you can calculate the out the door price in 20 seconds will scare them enough to not want to show you a fake price.  I know this sounds like a weird idea, it works, they stop playing games immediately.
  3. Last but not least don't trade in your old car or put anything down while your at the dealer.  But if you decide you want to trade in your old car make sure you do this as the very last step after all the numbers have been finalized.
  4. It's not over yet, you have the deal but you still have to sign paper work.  This is where they get there last chance to rip you off.  Don't buy gap no matter how good it sounds, don't buy the maintenance plan, and don't buy the extended warranty.  If you do you basically just gave away your deal and everything you worked so hard to get in the first place. 
  5. Lastly if you already shop on Amazon.com please use our referral link on this blog your purchases will help to insure future blogs are written for helping consumers get the best deal.  Thanks for reading and I know this will help.
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